Part of our sustainability consulting includes researching incentives for our clients.  We apply for and assist in processing sustainability grants to help fund a project.  Some of those grants include, but are not limited to, the following:

New Construction: High Performance New Construction (HPNC)

This program provides substantial financial incentives and design assistance for your new building and major renovation projects that exceed the electricity efficiency specified in the Ontario Building Code.

Past successes by CSV Architects in this area include Barrhaven Fire Station, Overbrook Community Centre, and McIntosh Perry Carp Offices.

Retrofits:  saveONenergy in partnership with HydroOttawa and HydroOne

There are a variety of programs available depending on your project scope -  programs provide financial incentives to replace existing inefficient equipment with high-efficiency equipment including the installation of new control systems that improve a new building’s operational procedures and processes.

Audit Incentives:  Enbridge Savings by Design

Different programs are available to provide incentives to perform energy audits as well as retro commissioning that can help you identify the costs and benefits of implementing energy-efficiency measures and prioritize energy.

More information on our sustainable services:

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